Indonesia’s Wholesale Price Index Up 0.97% in April 2022: BPS

Jakarta: Indonesia’s wholesale price index (IHPB) rose 0.97 percent in April 2022 compared to a month earlier, Statistics Indonesia (BPS) reported on Monday.
“The highest increase was recorded in the mining and excavation sector at 1.44 percent. The main cause of the IHPB hike was the mining and excavation sector, especially (the rising prices of) such commodities as salt, coal, and sand,” BPS chief Margo Yuwono told a press conference in Jakarta.
Meanwhile, the IHPB for the industrial sector increased by 1.11 percent due to the IHPB hike in the industrial sector, particularly for cooking oil, gasoline, and purebred chicken meat.

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The IHPB for the agricultural sector also moved up by 0.31 percent due to an increase in the prices of purebred chicken meat, cows, cabbage, celery, and purebred chicken eggs.
Meanwhile, the IHPB for the construction sector rose 0.66 percent, Yuwono said.
“The increase in IHPB for the construction sector was the result of the improving prices of several commodities, such as cement, concrete iron, asphalt, diesel oil, sand, and stone for building foundation,” he informed. 


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