US Provides Additional $30 Million for Covid-19 Assistance in Indonesia

Jakarta: The United States (US) Government has announced $30 million in urgent covid-19 assistance for Indonesia to purchase additional oxygen, collaborate on ways to boost local oxygen production, and provide medicines to treat COVID-19 patients and save lives. 
This assistance, administered through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), will also enhance the rollout of vaccines by supporting a robust cold chain for distribution, support vaccination facilities readiness, and help disseminate health information to educate citizens to reduce vaccine hesitancy.
“We remain committed to our partnership with the government and people of Indonesia at this critical time. Our assistance will help ensure that more people are vaccinated and protected from this deadly disease and strengthen health facilities, enabling them to continue providing critical care and services to covid-19 patients,” said US Ambassador Sung Y. Kim of the US Mission to Indonesia in a press release on Tuesday.

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“This support builds on our previous assistance to provide vaccines, improve testing and tracing, enhance treatment, and provide accurate and timely information about the pandemic to keep everyone safe,” he added.
This additional support from the American Rescue Plan Act brings the total US covid-19 assistance to Indonesia to over $77 million in funding, equipment, and technical support since the start of the pandemic. 
The US Government, through USAID and other US government agencies, has partnered with Indonesian health experts to improve laboratories, disease surveillance, and rapid-response capacity. 
In addition, the US has helped accelerate case detection and tracking and ensure that more people know what to do to protect themselves and each other.
The US has also donated 1,000 American-made ventilators currently in use in 600 hospitals to help more patients survive and recover. 
In partnership with the Government of Indonesia and UNICEF through the COVAX Advance Market Commitment (COVAX AMC), a global initiative to support equitable access to covid-19 vaccines, the US has delivered a total of eight million Moderna vaccine doses to the Indonesian people. 
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