Indonesian Restaurants in Switzerland Still Survive amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Geneva: In the midst of a pandemic, several Indonesian restaurants in the city of Geneva, are struggling to survive despite facing a difficult situation due to the pandemic. 
The Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Muliaman Hadad, recently met and discussed with restaurant entrepreneurs in Geneva, Switzerland, such as the Bali Palace Indonesian Restaurant, Sendok Garpu Restaurant, and Indonesian Bali Restaurant.
The restaurant entrepreneurs in the city of Geneva are very keen to move forward together to face the challenges of the pandemic situation, lockdown rules, and strict health protocols, such as limiting the number of guests, dine-in/outdoor/take-away/delivery rules, mandatory contact tracing, physical distancing and hygienic standards applied to culinary businesses in Switzerland.

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For more than a year, the pandemic has hit the business sector, including the Indonesian restaurant business in Switzerland. 
Only about last week, since May 31, the Swiss government started to allow restaurant businesses to open with dine-in, with the condition that only a maximum of 4 people can sit in one table and applying a contact tracing system for visitors. 
Previously, since April 19, the restaurant business was allowed to open only for take-away or eating out (outdoor), such as in the terrace area of ??the restaurant.
During the discussion, the entrepreneurs conveyed the main challenges in running a culinary business in Switzerland, especially the need for logistical support, such as ease of delivery/procurement of logistics (spices and coconut milk from Indonesia) on a regular schedule with affordable shipping/entry costs. 
The next main challenge is the need for professional human resources/chefs, as well as human resources/managerial staff to be restaurant managers.
The restaurant entrepreneurs hope for the Indonesian Embassy’s assistance to find a way out of the challenges they face. 
Ambassador Muliaman further stated that we need to learn from Thailand how stakeholders help thousands of Thai restaurants overseas.
The Indonesian Ambassador welcomed the desire of food entrepreneurs in Switzerland to promote Indonesian cuisine to exist, be competitive and famous in Switzerland. 
The Indonesian Ambassador said he will seek the best solution to the challenges faced by Swiss entrepreneurs. 
In addition to discussing the culinary business, the meeting also discussed the potential entry of Indonesian culinary products into one of the largest retailers in Switzerland.
“The most important thing is how Indonesian restaurants can survive and be competitive with the many competitors in the culinary business from other countries in Switzerland,” said Ambassador Muliaman in a press release on Thursday.
Ratings and responses from the Swiss community to Indonesian cuisine restaurants in Geneva, such as, Bali Palace Indonesian Restaurant, Sendok Garpu Restaurant, and Indonesian Bali Restaurant, are very good. 
Indonesian restaurants are becoming Swiss residents and travelers’ favorites, especially in Geneva, which is an international city with the UN headquarters.
During his working visit in Geneva, apart from discussing with Indonesian restaurant businessmen in Geneva, Ambassador Muliaman also met with Swiss businessmen to discuss the potential for a number of Indonesia-Swiss cooperation projects and plans for business collaboration projects with Indonesian-Swiss entrepreneurs. 
The meeting, in particular, continued discussions regarding efforts to pioneer an Indonesia-Swiss business digital platform in the context of utilizing the IE-CEPA (Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the Republic of Indonesia and the EFTA States). 
This Digital Platform will contain digital displays and catalogs, promote Indonesian products and encourage Indonesia-Swiss trade.
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