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Jakarta: Online Scholarship Competition (OSC) is the first and largest online scholarship competition in Indonesia, organized by news & video site and Surya Edukasi Bangsa Foundation (SEBAF). 
OSC is designed to support the development of skilled human resources towards advanced Indonesia. OSC also makes it easier for Indonesian students to continue their education up to the undergraduate and postgraduate levels by utilizing full scholarships from repubtale universities.
OSC is a collaborative program between and Private Universities (PTS) as scholarship providers. By joining OSC, participants no longer need to come to their dream university to submit the registration and take the test. Through OSC, they can undergo selection stages online.

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OSC has been held since 2015. In total, there have been more than 1700 scholarships. Every year, OSC provides hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships worth more than Rp40 billion.
OSC itself continues to develop. Some of the developments are OSC Community, Online Try Out and Online Tutoring for OSC participants.
Chairman of the SEBAF, Mirdal Akib, said the recipients of’s OSC scholarships are not students who can be underestimated. They are believed to be the next generation of Indonesian leaders.
“There are nearly two thousand OSC graduates. 10 or 20 years from now they will become part of Indonesia’s leadership,” said Mirdal Akib in a press conference at the Grand Metro TV Building, Kedoya, West Jakarta, Friday, January 29, 2021. 
“Therefore, SEBAF, through the OSC program led by and supported by 19 of the best private campuses in Indonesia, states that it is ready to take a role to jump higher in the education sector,” said Mirdal Akib.
There is no doubt about the quality of students who join the OSC, because all participants must follow a rigorous selection process. During the Covid-19 pandemic, all stages of OSC selection are carried out online.
“We carry out all stages of OSC online with strict rules. Participants can do the test anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Participants register through the website, and then take the online test which is held simultaneously throughout Indonesia on the osc website. Next, they will undergo administration selection such as report cards, certificates, drug-free letters and so on. Lastly, the final test is an interview with the campus, “said Findo Gading as Head of Corporate Communications
Findo stated that all OSC winners will receive a full scholarship until graduation, education savings for the top 20 undergraduate participants, and certificates. 
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